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Rising star Alexander Koreiba is well on his way to a dream career in motorsports. Getting his start in the karting ranks, Alexander quickly became a presence in the karting community. With numerous pole positions, podium finishes and race wins, Alexander’s talent and race craft was obvious from the beginning.


As the emerging name among the ranks, Alexander is continuing his climb up the motorsports ladder. Driving for newly formed IMSA Prototype Challenge team, AL Autosport with JDC for the 2022 season, Alexander is determined to be successful. His ultimate dream is to become an IMSA Champion and win in various other driving disciplines around the world. One of Alexander’s greatest goals is to show that through hard work, dedication and perseverance anyone can accomplish their dreams.​

RNI-Films-IMG-0A60B88D-538B-4D17-9A31-DC0F13148000 2.JPG
RNI-Films-IMG-390EAF58-58EE-4222-8B13-239E796A0E33 2.JPG
RNI-Films-IMG-2AEF44C2-5239-41B1-B32C-70972E134218 2.JPG
RNI-Films-IMG-C8B5D209-2EBF-4909-B26E-2358B1BE1AAC 2.JPG


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